California DMV-Approved Curriculum

DMV-Approved Curriculum & Certificate

DMV CertificateUpon successful completion of, you will receive a Driver's Education Certificate of Completion, DL 387. This DMV - approved certificate certifies that you have successfully completed the California provisional Driver's Education requirement.

Not All Online Driver's Education Courses Are Created Equally.

There are 2 types of business entities that offer Driver's Education:

  1. Professional Driving School
    Driving schools consist of a driving school owner and at least 1 driving instructor. In order for a driving school to issue DMV - approved certificates, the Driver's Education course curriculum must be approved by DMV and comply with the provisions of the CA Vehicle Code Section 12814.6.
  2. "Private Schools"
    If a "Private School" offers online Driver's Education, they are NOT required to employ a driving instructor and they are NOT required to be monitored and approved by DMV.

Our Driver's Education Course

DMV Approval LetterThis course was written, designed and reviewed by a Professional Driving School with over 35 year of experience in Driver's Education and Driver's Training. Our course curriculum has been approved by DMV and complies with the provisions of the CA Vehicle Code Section 12814.6. These are a few of the reasons why we think our course is more credible and educational than most other courses online - it's why we named it "Safety Driver's Ed". For more information About Us, click here.

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